Slimming World Creamy Chicken Curry

Savour the delicious flavours of this Easy Slimming World Creamy Chicken Curry, a family favourite that we make every week. This recipe, which was inspired by my Slimming World Beef Curry from a year ago, is everything you need for a go-to dish that never goes out of style. Friends always ask for it for dinner parties, and even though I follow Slimming World guidelines, I’m not strict about how many syns I count. Not only is this curry low in syns and healthy fats, but it’s also very simple to make.

This delicious curry has only 192 calories per serving. The cream can be added for those who want even more richness, but I find that fat-free yoghurt makes a wonderfully creamy sauce that doesn’t sacrifice flavour, so the whole family will love it.


650g of boneless chicken breasts or thighs.

One large onion, finely cut

One tiny cup of stock cube-based chicken broth

Three chopped garlic cloves (or a squirt of garlic paste)

400g passata or 400g of mashed or chopped tomatoes in a can

One tsp each of salt and freshly ground pepper

tsp of turmeric

1/2 tsp of fresh cilantro

½ teaspoon of cayenne

1 tablespoon curry powder with garam masala

½ teaspoon ground cumin.

1/2 tsp smoked paprika

tsp of lemon juice

One tablespoon oil or Frylite or another low-fat cooking spray

Finely chopped fresh coriander (for garnish)

Seeds from pomegranates (for garnish)

One generous tablespoon of fat-free Greek yoghurt (optional for increased creaminess)


In a big pan, heat some oil or apply low-fat cooking spray.

Add the spices, salt, pepper, and chopped onions and garlic. Stir-fry onions until they become transparent.

Add the stock and mashed tomatoes, and simmer.

You can also optionally process the mixture for 10 seconds in a food processor to make a paste.

Cut the chicken into large pieces and brown them in oil in a pan.

Add the lemon juice and the spice paste. Cook for 20 minutes, or until chicken is cooked, over low heat (about 6).

Optional: Add fat-free yoghurt and stir until thoroughly heated.

Add some chopped coriander and pomegranate seeds as garnish and serve with rice.

Instructions for Freezing:

Make large batches of sauce and portion it out for freezing. Defrost completely before reheating. Or freeze the entire meal, making sure the chicken is completely defrosted first.

Changing the Spicy Levels:

Tailor the spice levels to your own preferences. Pour in some fat-free Greek yoghurt for a milder version. Add some chilli sauce or powder for extra spiciness.

Serving suggestions:

Serve with a selection of rice dishes and homemade bhajis.

If you’re looking for a Slimming World-friendly option, consider brown toast.

If calories are not an issue, treat yourself to some garlic naan bread or tortilla wraps.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle:

Although Slimming World is not a strict diet, following its guidelines can help you stay on track with your health. Making scrumptious and healthful meals comes naturally to me.

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