Slimming World Tiramisu (no Sweetener and Quark)

With our guilt-free Slimming World Tiramisu, you won’t have to turn to disappointing desserts or artificial sweeteners. This evening, we’re getting right to the point and sharing our Slimming World doughnut recipe.

Along the way, we talk about Frankenfood and how we handle desserts. But first, prepare yourself for the embarrassing thumbnail—I assure you, it’s worth seeing. Please let me know what you think!

The Slimming World Tiramisu is up next. We are here to fill the void left by desserts on our platform, along with a healthy dose of modesty. Our Tiramisu is a truly delicious treat that is lightened up with clever substitutions. Rest assured, I giggled too when I heard the word “proper tasty.” Now let’s get specific.


A Pyrex dish or two chic glasses (judge-free zone!)

Six sponge fingers, or six syn

25ml Tia Maria or a comparable coffee liqueur (3.5 syns) or 25ml strong black coffee (syn-free)

180g of ricotta (a HEA is 90g)

One large pot of Greek coffee latte yoghurt (Muller).

50g of finely chopped hazelnuts (one HEB is 25g)

1 syn of 1 tsp cocoa powder

It’s slightly over 5.5 syns for a single serving with coffee liqueur, or 3.5 syns for regular coffee. You are welcome to replace the hazelnuts with fruit to preserve your HEB and earn an additional syn.


Put on your reading glasses and go over the recipe.

Slice the sponge digits and arrange them in layers within the glass.

Allow the sponge to absorb the coffee or coffee liqueur as you spoon it over.

Add enough yoghurt to the ricotta to make it thick. If you want to get fancy, add a pinch of coffee.

To level the mixture, spoon it over the sponge and give it a gentle shake.

Pour the tiramisu over the hazelnuts that have been coated in cocoa in a bowl.

And voilà! Enjoy your Slimming World Tiramisu now.

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