Slimming World Strawberry Trifle

We present the Slimming World Strawberry Trifle, a guilt-free treat that will please even the pickiest dessert enthusiast. This delicious dessert is a healthy substitute for kid-friendly parties and a great addition to family dinners. The best part is that it’s suitable for slimming! Give your loved ones a healthier treat as a surprise, and watch with delight as they discover its calorie-conscious secret.

My desire for a classic trifle without sacrificing calories or Slimming World guidelines presented me with a dilemma: should I use custard or sponge? I decided to cut calories by using a lot of quick strawberries in place of the sponge, which was a surprisingly good decision. I was shocked to learn that even the seemingly innocent squirty cream had its drawbacks.

About squirty cream, is it spray cream or what? I went on a virtual hunt through Tesco’s online store because of the naming mystery. But the jelly, which is positioned at a pleasing incline for extra visual appeal, is the true star of the show here. I’m not sure why, but let’s be honest: who doesn’t enjoy a presentation that is both attractive and distinctive?

Here’s a professional suggestion: Make it as usual, but during the chilling process, tilt your trifle glasses to get the ideal jelly slope. The outcome? A sophisticated touch to the presentation of your dessert thanks to this cleverly angled jelly.

Let’s move on to the cream—or spray if you’d rather. I went with Tesco’s lighter squirty cream, which only costs 1.5 Syns per 12.5g serving. Fortunately, there are alternatives available from Aldi, Lidl, Sainsbury, and Asda that will allow you to maintain your Slimming goals without sacrificing flavour.

Although I made this trifle with raspberries and raspberry jelly, you could definitely use strawberries instead. Frozen fruit also works well, but be aware that it takes at least two hours for the jelly to set, so prepare ahead of time for a faultless, well-liked dessert.

Slimming World Syns: 6.5*


23g (1/2 sachet) Hartleys Raspberry Jelly Without Sugar

60g Devon Custard with Ambrosia Light

Several Raspberries

Tesco Light Spray Cream, 25 grams


Read the directions on the package carefully before preparing the jelly.

Half of the prepared jelly should be poured over the fruit layer that has been placed at the bottom of the trifle dish or jar.

Keep chilled for a minimum of two hours. Add an extra hour to the chilling period if you are using frozen fruit.

Place a layer of custard on top after the jelly has set.

Add a heaping tablespoon of fresh raspberries to the custard.

Put the trifle back in the refrigerator for a further twenty to thirty minutes.

Weigh the jar and apply 25g of Tesco Light Spray Cream on top before indulging.

Savour right away.


The team has estimated and approximated the Slimming World Syns that are provided. An official source has not confirmed these values. Adapt amounts to individual dietary requirements.

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